Made in Russia


JSC Cold-storage Facility Western the modern and dynamically developing Russian company on processing (fast freezing on the IQF technology) vegetables and fruit. The foundation of activity of the company is laid in 1998. At the moment the structure of the company includes two processing enterprises, the first is located in the south of Russia in the Republic of Adygea (30 km from Krasnodar), the second (Odintsovo) to Moscow area and the logistic centers in the cities of St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd.

Both enterprises make a full cycle of processing of vegetables and fruit, accepting on an entrance the fresh are blown "from a bed" and receiving at the exit the cleared, washed-up, thermoprocessed, cut and packed products of a deep freezing with a period of storage 18-24 months. On request of Clients various cutting, degree of culinary readiness and production packing are possible.